Let our team of developers help you customize your Deltek A/E/C ERP program to meet your companies needs. Additionally, if there is a routine process that you would like to automate,
our developers can assist with the creation of a stored procedure that will run within your
existing system.

Examples of how we can help:

Vantagepoint offers Dashboards that can easily share important pieces of data with Owners, Project Managers and General Staff. We will work with you to ensure your Dashboards present important data to your staff consistently and in the best format, whether a table, chart or report.

Vision and Vantagepoint offers the ability to create custom Screen Design for custom tabs, fields, and hubs. We work with you to determine if custom fields are needed to capture all of the data you deem vital to the success of your business.

Vision and Vantagepoint offers the ability to customize your Invoice Template to create an invoice that represents how you want to portray your monthly labor and expense charges with your clients. Allow Entegra to assist you with this design.

If your firm requires additional reporting beyond the standard reports available in the system, let us create a custom report that meets your exact reporting needs.

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